Tuesday, November 4, 2008

#11 & #12

Oops. Did it again.


Church in another language.

I always love going to church in other countries and in other languages. There is something about being an observer, rather than a participant that is really exciting. Watching people pray for their country gives you a snapshot of their lives. And, being a part of the music and singing is a moving experience.

I know it's going to be difficult to understand everything at first, with my limited Spanish. I've gotten pretty accustomed to our Boston church where everything is either bi-lingual or translated. But, it will be pretty amazing to be a part of something God is doing in another country.

We are hoping to find a church that is serving the community around them. There is great need with much of the population of the Dominican Republic and it would be a shame to miss the chance to serve and help out those in need when we have the example of Jesus Christ to follow.

My faith could use a jumpstart and I am looking forward to a new thing, spiritually, in our new country.


The weather.

You know this last winter kind of kicked my butt in Boston. It was so cold and Little Eric and I spent several days without even leaving the apartment. Right now I am really looking forward to a little tropical sunshine and warmth.

I think there will be moments when I miss the seasons. My brain is wired to expect it to be cold for Christmas and to see changing leaves in the fall. It is going to take some changing in my mind to get used to warm weather ALL the time.

The weather is hot and humid with a chance of rain EVERYDAY of the year. Unless there is a hurricane blowing through and then it is hot and humid with a lot of rain (and lots of wind). Apparently there are months were it is less hot, but I think to our New England-acclimated blood it is just going to feel HOT. At least there is a tropical breeze that pretty much blows through all the time.

So, when your toes are freezing this winter here in the states think of us as we enjoy wearing shorts and flip-flops any day we want. Haha.

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