Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Year, New Blog.

It's a new year and time for new beginnings. I have decided to change blogsites because the former site took too long to download and resize pictures. Since sharing photos is my main reason for blogging, I needed an easier site. I hope you all can move on over to blogger with me and that we can find an nice, cozy, easier-to-navigate home together.

We just got back from California where we spent time with my family. It was great to be with everyone...to see my brother and stepsibs, niece and nephew, and parents. We were expecting mild weather (two years ago I was wearing flip-flops for Christmas), but it seems we brought some of our New England snow with us.

Here are some pictures from our trip...
Look! My first plane ride! And, guess what?
I barely slept at all, even though it was the middle of the night! Fun!
Uncle Marc and Ericito doing a little "light" reading.
Karin, Marc and Dad on Christmas Eve.
Eric Jr. playing with his Christmas present from Gramere and Pops...a bongo drum that plays salsa and merengue versions of popular children's songs. Who knew such things existed?!
Playing the piano with Papa. (and sucking my thumb, of course.)
The oldest cousin holding the youngest cousin. Nicholas and Eric.
Hmmm...the smell of a freshly opened box of See's candy!
Getting ready to take a walk downtown with cousins Kasey and Nicholas.
Hanging out with Gramere.
...with Pops.
Taking a bath in the sink.

Eric, Eric Jr. and Gammy.

I don't know why the date is wrong at the top of the blog. It's really January 1st today. I guess it publishes the date you start writing. Oh well...I'm learning.