Thursday, November 6, 2008

#10 & #9



They are the national flower and they are EVERYWHERE. They seem so exotic to me. I am planning on growing a few in my house so I can enjoy their beauty everyday. My friend Kristi is an avid orchid gardener, so I will have to get some tips from her.

As a sidenote...I looked into plants I could grow that would repel mosquitoes. I am not looking forward to those little flying beasts attacking us. Turns out rosemary and marigolds repel the little buggers, so I will have to find out if either of them will grow in a tropical environment.


I'm inside the top ten so I have to make them all count!

Wearing summer clothes all year!

This is really in my top ten things that I love about the DR and am looking forward to. Really! I love wearing summer clothes, and I especially love to wear skirts. I have actually made a couple of skirts in fun summer patterns in preparation for my move. Summer clothes are fun, colorful and usually more flattering than winter clothes. I also feel like I can get more dressed up AND be more comfortable and casual in my summer clothes.

So here's to flip flops, sandals, linen, skirts, sleeveless tops and lots of sunshine!


Amyrosedouglas said...

Hey karin, I saw a citronella plant this year. That would certainly repel bugs. You should check that out.
I also went on the search this year for a bug repellant that I could wear as a lotion all day that would not be gross for my skin. Avon sells a "skintastic" that is supposed to be awesome for that. They have one for kids too.

kristi said...

i grew rosemary and marigolds here, and we'll have pretty much the same climate. however, the bad news is that marigolds and rosemary pretty much do NOTHING to repel mosquitoes. maybe if there were just one here or there, but there is a serious onslaught here every time we go outside. i have heard about some other mysterious indian plant my friend krystal was talking about one day recently. i'll find out what it is called and let you know.