Tuesday, October 14, 2008

An attempt to update in pictures

It has been so long since I've shared pictures. Partly this has been due to not blogging and partly because we thought we had packed our camera software and couldn't download the pictures from our camera. After realizing our computer didn't actually need the software to download we got to it and downloaded 900 pictures! Don't worry I am not sharing all of them. Actually, we had been needing to clean off the camera. There was an entire season of pictures on it. There weren't any of the snow, but there were several from Spring when the flowers were just starting to bloom and the trees were budding. Now, those same trees are all turning amazing colors and about to drop their leaves. Funny how life gets away from you.

If you are interested in the last couple of months, here you go:

This is a picture of all of the cousins on my dad's side in California. We did pretty well having everyone actually sitting and in the picture.This is another picture from California with homemade dog ears. Eric almost immediately modified his by ripping off one of the ears.
Here is Eric with his cousins Nicholas and Kasey eating his first ice cream cone at Grandma and Pop's house in California. I still can't get over how much my brother and my kids look alike!We went to visit my dad in the assisted living facility he is in. We had fun taking pictures of Pop's and his kids!
Apple-picking in Amesbury, MA. Eating his very first apple off the core with mama.

Trying to get a family shot with a kid who is WAY past his naptime is not easy!
Fun shot of Eric pointing and telling us something about what he is seeing. Can't understand one single word, but followed along anyway.

Tossing the pigskin.
Swinging in the park.

Sliding on his own as mama and Aunt Chelsea sat at the top and bottom.

This is not a shower cap. It's one of those saran wrap food covers. He loves to take it out of the drawer and put it on both his head and Felix's(the Josti's dog).
Eating cheerios with papa.

Hanging out with Maddie. I need to work on getting better shots of the two of them playing together on the floor. They love it.

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ridmeofmyself said...

i cannot believe how much eric has grown in just the 2 months since i last saw him! he no longer looks like a baby... he has that little boy thing going on.

seems like he is paving the way for maddie with felix... preparing him for the inevitable years of torture to come.... playing dress up and various creative means of torment.

miss and love you guys...