Monday, October 27, 2008


The scenic ride from Santiago to Santo Domingo.

Did you know that the island is big enough to have a mountain in the middle? Most people only think of the pristine beaches when they think of the Dominican Republic, but the absolute best kept secret is the mountains! They are gorgeous and riding through them on the way down to Santo Domingo is one of the best ways to experience their majesty. I once rode a bus from Santiago to Santo Domingo and riding along sitting above the road provided just the right view that made me fall in love with the mountains of the DR.

The lush green hills rise and fall around each other making sleepy valleys and beautiful peaks. The mountain area of the DR is actually very arid and the mountains look nothing like what you might expect on a caribbean island. They are not like a jungle or a rain forest, but actually a lot like the area I grew up in the Northern California foothills. On one trip Eric and I hiked up to a waterfall. We actually hiked up mountain roads with undisturbed hills rising around us. On our walk we saw cows and farms growing produce, eucalyptus groves AND groves of scrub pines. I am not kidding. There were scrub pines growing in the middle of this caribbean island. Who knew? Evey once in awhile we would come upon a few houses with kids running around outside, but other than that we had the trail to the top to ourselves.

I know a lot of you have been or plan to come to the beaches in th DR, but you are seriously missing out on the hidden jewel of the island if you miss the spectacular mountains.


ridmeofmyself said...

yes! i love that scenic drive as well... gorgeous.

i am so excited to have a great excuse to visit soon...


jonatan said...

no you are making me homesick =( but im thrilled and excited for you guys!!!

Lori said...

So gorgeous Karin! This must be such an amazing time and I'm thrilled for your family. I know many will be blessed by your presence and pray the same for the Hernandez family.