Monday, March 10, 2008

A Taste of Spring

Little Eric and I just got back from visiting our friends, the Bennetts, in Tampa, Florida. It was a fabulous break from the "winter blahs" of Boston in March. It was so nice to feel the warmth of a breezy Florida day on my skin. And, to see green again gives me hope that Spring will return once again. Trees and bushes were blooming and the landscape everywhere was lush with ferns, banana trees and other tropical plants. I enjoyed waking up to Kristi's orchids she has been nurturing in her office.

The best part of the trip was spending time with one of my best friends, Kristi. We became friends when she and her husband lived in Boston. It's a great feeling to enjoy an easy friendship that can survive the miles between. We chat online and trade phone calls frequently (especially since Eric came along and I need lots of advice about motherhood), but nothing can be compared to a real-life conversation. And, true to form we had one long 4 day conversation about everything under the sun, stopping only to sleep and care for our children every now and then.

It's so much fun sharing motherhood with friends. It brought me deep joy to watch our babies play together and talk amongst themselves in baby grunts and laughter. Her youngest, Rhys, and Eric are two months apart and from the moment we sat them in their carseats side-by-side at the airport, they had a blast relating to each other! Spending time with her two oldest, Gillian (6 years) and Aedan (4 years) was great, too. I can't get over how grown up they are! Time flies so doesn't seem that long ago that they were little babies!

We ate lots of yummy food (I still can't believe there is a drive-thru Caribbean restaurant), shopped in fun stores (Target and this awesome vintage/new/antique shop in a restored warehouse), played with kids, went to the beach, drove around looking at awesome beach houses, ate homemade ice cream at a Cuban drive-up diner, sat outside in the sun, and talked about random topics (as mentioned before). And, anyone who knows the Bennetts knows there were conversations about theology and politics with Rick!
A little sunshine and friendship does the soul good!
Eric and Rhys' first meeting at the airport in tandem carseats.
Playing with the Gillian and Aedan on the deck.Kristi and Rhys at the beach.Eric's first trip to the ocean!Rhys and Eric playing at the beach in the baby tent.Aedan wearing his new scarf (it was cold that day...65 degrees).

Rick drinking a Cuban espresso from the tiniest styrofoam cup I have ever seen!

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kristi said...

oh my gosh i cannot stop laughing! these pictures are WAY better than the ones i took. and your description of what took place during the visit is way better too. maybe i'll delete my blog post and just put a link to yours and say "what she said." :)

you have to email me all these pictures when you get a chance. that one of aedan made me laugh and laugh. my son is very special. :)

miss you guys already!!