Thursday, February 21, 2008

Play Dates

Eric's had a few play dates this week. He gets so excited when he's around other kids and it is a gentle reminder that I should get together with friends who have kids so he can play more often. I know he's not suffering without other kid interaction, but he just gets so excited and it makes him so happy to be around other kids. He laughs and smiles and bounces up and down and wants to touch them. It's good for me, too. Actually, I'm sure it's better for me than for him because I get to hang out with friends. We even have a "Spanish" playdate in the planning.

Here are some pics from our play fun...
Eric and Ester playing together. She is 1 1/2 and he's almost 9 months and I think he outweighs her by a couple of pounds! She graciously shared her house with him.

Yesterday Caleb and Jen came over to play. Caleb and Eric are pretty much neck and neck with their development, so it was fun to see them playing together. Little Caleb wasn't feeling so great, but he was a trooper.And, I had to include pictures of our newest friend, Madeleine. We went to visit on Tuesday. She is a cutie and Kelly looks great, doesn't she?!

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kristi said...

what fun! can't wait to see eric play with our kids. and you are right--kelly DOES look great! i am noticing how hip you are dressing your baby by the way--have you been visiting the kids' dept at H&M? ;)