Monday, April 28, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

I know we need the rain, but we've been so spoiled over the last two weeks with unseasonably warm and sunny weather. We've been outside everyday and enjoying the beginnings of Spring.

BUT, today it's raining and we are relagated to indoor activities. Here's a snapshot of our day so far:
I'm planning my garden. Here are my seeds! We are renting a plot in the community garden on our street. I can actually taste the tomatoes already! I'll definately be posting more about this project of love.
I am slowly going through about 2 1/2 years of magazines, pulling out articles I can't live without and organizing them.

And, while I was doing my project inbetween dumping out the little holes from the hole puncher and trying to stuff as many in his mouth as he could, and standing up on his own for one of the first times, my little trouble-finder was doing this.
Oh, to find forbidden places. Exciting for my explorer, yet annoying for mom trying to get things done.
(What I didn't write about is the hour I spent on the phone with the insurance company figuring out a claim from when he was born, or the huge glass of ice tea Ericito spilled on my clean floors!)


kristi said...

oh you are SO in trouble with him... :) those photos of the rainy window & the seed packets are really great! (and of course the ones with ericito in them are awesome because they have HIM as the subject). can't wait for you to be able to plant your seeds!

the ruffhouse said...

Karin- you have a great eye! I love your photos! Hope the sunshine returns soon! Drats to those darn insurance companies for robbing us of precious time that could be spent with our little ones (or for ourselves)!

Anne said...

eric is so smart! i think he gets his sly ways from his Tia Anne! good job ericito on figuring out how to open the door! i'm so proud. and your chubby little hands are super cute! i love you!