Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Opening Day at Fenway!

Yesterday I got the thrill of a lifetime. My friend, Stacey, invited me to be her guest for Red Sox Opening Day! Not only was it the first home game of the season, but it was preceded by a special ceremony celebrating the Red Sox 2007 World Series victory.

My love of the Red Sox began shortly after I moved to Boston in May 2000 thanks to my friend, Allyson. She invited me to a summer game against the Royals. It was there in the grandstand behind the third base line that my Red Sox education began. I would share the picture of us outside Fenway, but it was taken before I had a digital camera.

It's hard to explain if you don't live here, but it's virtually impossible to live in Boston and not be a fan of the Sox. It's more than a sports thing, it's a cultural thing here. Fenway Park is smack dab in the middle of the city. So, to live in Boston is to be neighbors with the Sox.

I can't say that I am true child of the Red Sox Nation. I didn't inherit season tickets from a relative, or grow up watching them "break my heart" for all the times they came close to winning a penant in my lifetime. But, I have watched the team as they have won AND lost over the past eight seasons. And, this year I got to go to Opening Day!

Thanks Estacey!

AND, thanks to my husband for taking the day off and watching our son. "Why didn't he want to go?" you ask. Well, he is a fan of "another" team that I won't mention here!

Here is a video of a Fenway 8th inning tradition:



kristi said...

how awesome karin! i never got to go to any games while we lived there, but i can imagine it would be pretty magical.

Stacey Wideman said...

You're welcome! So fun to experience it with you, finally! You took some great pics--I love the one of the Fenway Franks guy!