Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Secret Life as a Celebrity Chef

If you are one of my close friends you know I am crazy for the Food Network. It's my default channel on TV. You know, whenever you turn on TV you always check to see what's on your default. And, if you can't find anything else to watch you turn to your default. I love watching my friends Giada, Paula, Ina, Ellie, Robin and Tyler whip up something "easy" for dinner. They make it look so easy. I secretly dream that I have my own cooking show and I am chopping up vegetables with ease or pureeing some yummy sauce or marinade in the food processor.

(Not that I need to add this, but I am not a fan of Racheal, Sandra or Emeril.)

A lot of people I know don't like Giada because she has huge cleavage and is tiny. How can a person that tiny eat what she cooks? Well, I'll tell you that she has some of the best recipes. I think we (me and Giada) have the same style of cooking. Maybe I could show her a few of my tricks in the kitchen one day when we are hanging out.

Ok, enough of my secret obsession with the Food Network.

I made this yummy baked penne the other night. It was so good that I had to share the recipe. It has two cheeses in it, smoked mozarella and fontina. The smoked mozzarella gave the dish a lot of depth, so you don't even miss that it doesn't have any meat in it. Of course it's a Giada recipe!

If you are inspired enough to make it I know you will enjoy it as much as we did!


kristi said...

hey i thought you took pictures! :) this sounds amazing. maybe i will add it to our weekly menu next week. do you think it would be good without the mushrooms? we aren't big mushroom fans around here...

Kristin said...

i just made this for dinner tonight and it was delicious! andrew was very happy!

karin said...

Kristi...I think you can omit the mushrooms and pretty much add whatever veggies you want or have on hand. It's totally the cheese that makes it yummy!

Penny said...

ooohh Karin, this looks fab! I may have to try this one!