Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's on it's way...

I bought these lovely daffodils at the produce market yesterday. They are my favorite flower and a sign that Spring is on the way. We can't enjoy the beautiful flowers of Spring, like daffodils, tulips and hyacinth, until a few weeks into April. However, they are shipped here from warmer climates and we can buy them to enjoy while it's still snowing.
That's right, it still snows here in March and sometimes in April.
Well, there are several reasons why I love daffodils. First, they are a brilliant burst of color announcing Spring. Second, they remind me of my childhood. Third, they make me happy and they look like they are smiling at me.
So, yesterday Little Eric and I went for a walk in the Arnold Arboretum with a friend and her two daughters. We walked down the path of the park past bare trees and bushes chatting away. And, then from almost out of nowhere a sight that took my breath away...a bush with yellow flowers. Real flowers! Spring has not forgotten us.
And, then today it snowed. Why can't the weather make up it's mind? Soon enough...patience.

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kristi said...

i remember daffodils from my childhood too--and jonquils. they grew all over the place in arkansas; they were the first sign of spring.