Sunday, January 13, 2008

Waiting for snow

Once again we are waiting for a huge snowstorm to dump a new pile of snow to shovel. We have had record snow this season. It's always bittersweet waiting for the snow. It's beautiful to watch coming down as it sticks to everything it lands on. For a few hours it feels like a winter wonderland. The feeling wears off quickly, though, as the snow turns dirty black and slushy, or competely freezes over and becomes an ice skating rink. And, the worst part now that I am staying home with Eric is that we can't get out of the house until it warms up enough to brave the elements. I have a rule that we can go out if the temperature is above freezing. Below freezing just seems cruel to walk around in a stroller, even with the weather cover on the stroller.

So, here I am at 8 p.m. waiting for the inevitable storm to bring another week of indoor activities.

Maybe the weatherman lied and it'll be 5o degrees tomorrow. Whaddayouthink?

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kristi.bennett said...

i'm so sorry you will be stuck indoors. maybe some awesome dumb girlie movies will come on tv to entertain you a little? :)